Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homes don’t “Fail” an Inspection

The idea of a home inspection is not to “pass” or “fail” a house, but rather to give the customer an idea of the conditions of the major systems in the house and how well these system may perform in the near term, or budget planning if a component may require replacement. The major systems include the shell components such as the roof, walls, windows, and doors. The grounds, swimming pools, any other various exterior components are examined. The heating and cooling systems are assessed along with the electrical and plumbing components. The built in appliances are tested.   This is all to help determine the expected life of household systems or if any systems are in danger of imminent failure based on performance or age.
In the case of a buyer,  the expected life of component systems and home quality information are critical to avoid a hidden, very expensive surprise just after spending so much money on the purchase.  The shock and disappointment of discovering that you need a new $6000 Air Conditioner after you just spent all your savings on a down payment is sadly disheartening, and could potentially lead to financial disaster.  This is the protection that a Home inspection offers.  This is the “Peace of Mind” that we refer to often in my brochures and literature.  A Commendable Inspection gives you “Peace of Mind” with the reassurance of knowing what your real costs may be.
One of the ways we do this is by examining how well the property has been maintained. If the windows are caulked every few years, it’s much less likely to have window leaks.  Clean filters and coils on the AC system mean the fans don’t work so hard to keep the air flowing summer and winter.  Timely maintenance is a mantra I’ll repeat over and over because it’s true. We’ll be exploring maintenance issues and the “how-to” of maintenance here in the blog and on our Facebook site with a series of videos.  Hope you’ll subscribe to my musings. 
I’m Terry, your Commendable Home Inspector.
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